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CISCO WebEx makes remote conference call meetings a breeze. Take your business to the next level with special features such as online meetings, digital whiteboarding, and group file sharing.

Webex is more than video just video meetings made simple. Awesome secure applications such as Webex Teams, take your workload discussions beyond the boardroom. Remote access and interactions amongst co-workers is made simple and continuous for the successful completion of any project.

Cisco Webex Calling, connect with the Webex Teams application via cloud technology. The simplicity and dependability Cisco IP phones make it the perfect addition to any small business.

Webex has a variety of devices that make meetings more interactive and responsive.

The WebEx devices fall into three different categories:

  1.  The WebEx Board – 4k HD digital touchscreen all-in-one whiteboard. It has the ability to share your presentations remotely with video calls as well.
  2. The WebEx Room Device Series – A smart meeting devices with stunning capabilities. Standard capabilities include a camera and codec module that connect with a screen of your choice. Each kit has the ability to count meeting participants and provide analytics for usage and resource planning.
  3. The WebEx Desk Device – 23-inch touchscreen all-in-one standalone device that enables team members to attend a meeting and view presentations remotely.

All in all, it’s easy to see why Cisco Webex products are a must-have for organizations of the future. The overall simplicity and flexibility are a win-win. Webex is the solution for companies with team members working locally and abroad.

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