• SUPER CONVENIENT – Lovely and classy thank-you artwork printed on both the back and front sides of the gift bags in subtle gold and black colors that you can readily use to pack your items or merchandise in no time. Easy grab and go!
  • MULTI PURPOSE USE – Use these quality paper bags as wedding welcome bags, premium shopping bags for merchandise with your business logo, packing items for donations, goodies for conferences, products at craft fairs, loading cookies and candies for fun and affordable party favor bags that children and adults would love to decorate, and many more!
  • 100% RECYCLABLE, REUSABLE AND BIODEGRADABLE – Let’s save the planet one Kraft paper bag at a time! Replace your smelly plastic bags with these super earth friendly paper bags that you can recycle and reuse with ease. They’re durable, sturdy and extremely affordable with great bulk wholesale pricing for qty 50 pcs. With Amazon Prime free and fast shipping, you will be holding these bags in no time!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We are excited to make and offer great products for all our customers. However, if for any reasons you’re not completely happy with our items, just let us know and we’ll make it right for you. Please go ahead and make the purchase with full confidence.
  • (NOTE: BOWS/RIBBONS NOT INCLUDED) ELEGANT LOOKING, SUPER SMOOTH, EXTRA STRONG – Made with 120 gsm thick premium Kraft paper materials (compared to 100 gsm or less from competitors), our white thank-you gift bags are designed for superior quality, elegance and functionality. Its stylish flat paper handle design is guaranteed to make your merchandise and gifts stand out from the crowd! Every part of the bag is well-made using heavy duty glue, making them sturdy and reliable for every packing need.
► (NOTE: BOWS/RIBBONS NOT INCLUDED) Perfect Thank-You Paper Bags for Gift Giving with No Need for Wrapping

Gift giving will take on a whole new meaning with our premium Kraft Nature white paper bags.

Its uniquely designed flat paper handle will make these lovely bags everyone’s favorite go-to bags for quick and easy packaging solution. Your guests will be excited to grab one of these little cute bags!

► Versatility at Its Best

You can do as little or as much as you wish. Throw in a little ribbon or a tag and Voilà! You get one awesome looking bag with minimal effort. Or just do nothing with our simple yet classy looking thank-you artwork print!

► Super Convenient

Lovely thank-you artwork design printed on both front and back sides of the bags means minimal time and efforts for you to pack gifts or merchandise for your guests and customers.

► High quality look and feel

Extremely smooth surface that feels high quality to the touch. Best use for Wedding, Birthday, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, craft fairs, etc. Just stamp a company logo or brand on the bag for affordable retail checkout solutions.

► Sturdy, Well Constructed, Easy to Carry, and Generous Sizing

Whether it’s a few bottles of wines, a few T-shirts, or a bar of chocolate that you want proudly presented to your guests, you can easily load them into this self-standing bag.

Made from 120 gsm Kraft paper materials, they’re thicker and better withstand tearing at the edges and bottoms of the bags.

Pick up our paper bags and you won’t look back!