• Made by transparent plastic, thin and soft, not rigid,clear, durable, high accuracy, good flexibility.
  • Metric measurements,sandwich line for durability,there may be color difference.
  • Used for drawing, manual cutting, plate making and other clothing design for students, designers, pattern maker and tailor, you can choose this metric ruler sets to DIY projecting.
  • Line detail and clear, high accuracy, good toughness and flexibility, easy and convenient to use.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back: E-mail us if you have any problem with the item, we will reply you within 24 hours until you are satisfied. Try risk free.

Our ruler is used to draw structural drawings on paper.In general, we use a very thin mechanical pencil. Our countertops are not necessarily flat, and if there is a gap between the ruler and the paper, the pen can easily break the paper. Therefore, the ruler must be thin and soft, the scale should be clear and accurate.

Function Introduction(please refer to the picture)
6501 Clothing Ruler: Styling design ruler, can effect as 3 rulers: French curve, Hip curve, and Straight rule.
3250 Curve Ruler: Commonly used in drawing cuffs, sleeves, necklines, crotch and other arcs.
6460 Sleeve Curve Ruler:Used to draw buttonhole, pocket and other bending positions
3220 Triangle Scale Ruler:The length of 1:5 is 20cm. 1:5-based ruler, with 1:3 and 1:4 ruler, protractor.
3231 Comma Ruler: Can be used for pattern drawing, three-dimensional cutting, modify the drawing and so on, it is a common tool for garment plate drawing, drawing short curves such as armhole or cuff arc, crotch arc, collar arc, all kinds of deduction and so on.

Package Included:
5 different clothing rulers with 1 Paddle Wheel(Free Gift)