• LIGHTWEIGHT: Because it is a plastic half form style (see images), it makes them portable for easy transportation.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: For a nicely jewelry display you can use it with a scoop neck, v neck, strapless or halter top.
  • 1X SIZES: We suggest this mannequin for 1X sizes (14-16). Larger sizes probably need adjusting in the back. This is not mandatory because all brands and clothing types are different.
  • STORAGE: Use and keep away in any place like a closet or under your bed. If you have several, these are stackable compared to a heavy full body manikin.
  • HANGING IT: The package includes a hook for hanging and a clip for adjusting the clothing in the back for a better fit. Bases are also available for purchase if you want to display these on the ground.
This is exactly what you need if you want to sell plus size women’s clothing or jewelry items online and if you are looking for displaying outfits more realistically. This plastic mannequin form is sturdy and easy to carry even if you go to trade shows, fairs or just changing the clothes multiple times each day in order to photograph them for your listings. It includes a hook so you I can hang it and display it against a wall.