• Confidently secure you moving boxes or packages with our thick 2.7 mil thick packaging tape with strong adhesive that will adhere to your boxes for months and keep your contents safe
  • Save time applying our packaging tape to your boxes with our wrinkle and bunching free design that fits all standard tape dispensers and tape guns
  • Easy to use shipping tape that will not split our rip during application due to our heavy duty clear tape that is 38% thicker than standard packaging tape
  • Quickly wrap large and heavy boxes with our tape with strong BOPP acrylic adhesive, but also light enough to easily tape small moving boxes, books, picture frames, and more.
  • Save money taping hundreds of boxes with our large 60-yard rolls and large 12 pack value pack with each roll width measuring 1.8” inches which is a perfect fit for standard tape dispensers

Worry Free Packaging Tape

We understand that it can be hard to find packaging tape that is thick and strong enough to secure your packages without paying excessive prices. Therefore, we have developed a packaging tape with strong acrylic adhesive so you can confidently secure your packages without having to worry about your items falling out during transit.

  • Strong and durable adhesive that will immediately adhere to your boxes and packages for months with no need to worry about losing your items.

Perfect for home and office use

It can be so difficult to find packaging tape that is a perfect fit for your standard moving and shipping boxes. Either you pay to much for super thick tape you don’t need that is difficult and slow to apply, or you pay less and get cheap thin tape that is always ripping and wrinkling. So much for security. Our packaging tape is perfectly designed for your home and office packing needs. The tape is strong enough to securely hold boxes that weight more than 50 pounds, but also thin enough so you can quickly and easily apply it:

  • Thick enough to hold heavy boxes exceeding 50 pounds
  • Thin enough to easily be used with standard tape guns with no need to worry about the tape getting stuck in the tape dispenser or wrinkle or rip during application

100% Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind our products completely. We understand that sometimes buying physical products can be difficult if you cannot physically see what you are buying, however, if our product is not exactly what you are looking for, or does not meet your expectation then send them back anytime for a 100 % refund.