• Built in oval window, zip lock, and tear notch. Pouches are great for packaging and displaying products (e.g. baked goods, confections, coffee, tea, snacks, and much more). Perfect for selling your goods to customers.
  • These pouches are made with Kraft Paper (KRAFT), Aluminum Foil (FOIL), and Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE).
  • Provides barrier protection against moisture and oxygen
  • Available Pouch Sizes: SMALL: 5.125″ (Width) x 8.125″ (Height) , MEDIUM: 5.875″ (Width) x 9.00″ (Height) , LARGE: 6.750″ (Width) x 11.50″ (Height); Individual Pouch Thickness: 4.4 mil
  • These stand-up zip pouches are heat sealable.
Combining highly attractive Natural Kraft Paper with clear oval window and zip closure, this bag has everything you are looking for in a package and will definitely stand out! Make a good first impression in one these natural kraft paper stand-up zip pouches! It features a zip lock, tear notch and an oval window on the lower portion of the bag making it easy for customers to identify the product you’re selling immediately. Forget about photos depicting your products; show them exactly what you have to offer! These stand up zip bag pouches are heat sealable.