• [Update version]:Notice:the APP name have changed to be : “Easy security”. Support wifi&GSM&2G network,but also support 3G network,effectively avoid some places subject to 3g network restrictions, also to provide customers with a more possibility,that can according to their own needs to switch the network requirements.Notes: This alarm system need to work under good network environment, the cell phone and the host need to under the same wifi when it is first time to set up.
  • [99 Sensors Paired]:Defense Zone Support,for gate, SOS, bedroom, window, balcony, perimeter, smoke, gas, carbon dioxide, water leaking detection ect.For other system,the alarm system can pair accessories arrive 99 accessories,effectively from all aspects to prevent any suspicious movement, activity or potential intruder,to protect your family and property 7/24hours.
  • 【APP Remote Control]Note:App must be set to international mode. Remotely control sensors setting, easily to remote arm/disarm all sensors, or set up message and call real-time push notifications setting and view all sensors’ status from APP.Notes for sim card a.SIM card must support GSM (key point) b. The SIM card cannot be encrypted with PIN code (if there is, it can be used to unlock the PIN code on the phone) c. The device has IMEI code, automatically activate and identify the SIM card.
  • [Loud SOS Alarm and Easy to Get Help]: Children and seniors at home in emergency, press the SOS button of the remote controller, which will trigger all alarms to notice neighbors and send SOS calls and messages to other families, so they can get help in time. Support 5 groups preset alarm phone number and 20 Seconds Help Voice recording, if alarm occurs, the host will dial preset number automatically and play the record your help voice.
  • [Package included]:1*Home Security Alarm Host,1*Wireless PIR Detector,2*Remote Controller,2*DoorWindow Sensors,4*Assist Installation Screw,4*Wall-in Fixed Rubber Block,1*1M USB Power Cable (Simply 5V 1A Required),1*English User Manual.And all related accessories,you need order more to pair with the alarm system,all can be found on our shop.
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How to add siren?
Power the siren by power adapter or turn on the battery switch
the siren will sound and flash twice, in arm state, it will flash once every 10 seconds.
Note: Keep pressing the [set] key, until it sounds once and flashes once, then release it. It will flash and sound when the host has an alert. In arm or disarm state, keep pressing the set key of the alarm siren, until it rings and flashes twice, release the set key, it flashes fast and wait for wireless coded signal, let alarm host launch a wireless coded signal, once received, the siren would send out a long and a short alert tone, it means success of code
Important Note
-Make sure the base unit and Phone use same 2.4G wifi network for wifi configure

-The wifi network is stronger -Contact us for video guide
App:Smart Security System
1.Scan the code to download the latest version
2.Recommend the use of email registration

3.Login need to select the international version (login page at the top right corner “international”)
Note for wifi connection:1.It just support 2.4g wifi not 5g 2.The phone need to under the same wifi when first time to set up 3.Dont support empty password 4.The APP must choose”Internation”mode.