• Available for most Huion graphics tablets except G10T and Q11K. NOT compatible with Huion pen displays.
  • NOT compatible with Wacom Graphics Tablet/Phone/Screen/Computer/iPad
  • Technology: Electromagnetic Digitizer. Auto sleep will caused if not used for a period of time
  • Come with a charging cable. It can be continuously used for about 800 hours after 1 hour charging.
  • Slim and Light: 14g in weight. 1 Year Warranty.
Our HUION P80 Rechargeable Pen adopts a new and exceptionally sensitive technology capable of freeing your creativity as never before.

It combines 2048 levels of pressure with seamless responsiveness beginning at a mere single gram of pen pressure. This slim, lightweight pen is cordless and draws power from a rechargeable Li-ion battery supporting a minimum of 600 hours’ continuous use.

The pen’s automatic sleep function helps extend battery life between uses. A custom USP charging cable is included.

Reported 100% compatible

Huion 420/H420/540/580/H58L/W58/H580/H690/H610/H610PRO/1060PRO+/1060PLUS/NEW1060PLUS/DWH69/WH1409

Not compatible with Wacom Pen Graphics Tablet